Gym Babies

I’m so full of gratitude today that I thought I’d share what was on my mind. As spring approaches Gary’s work schedule changes and he starts travelling a lot. We’re used to this schedule and it works out just fine for the most part. However, when he is gone I’m not able to go to the gym in the mornings. The girls aren’t quite big enough to watch themselves yet. Luckily I have some dumbbells & kettle bells I can use for home workouts when he is gone but lets be honest, its just not the same.

In the past my workout routine has dwindled in the spring and summer months and I just try to hit it hard when Gary is back in town. But this year my fantastic gym has changed locations and is under new ownership and the trainers are willing to let me bring my kids with me when I workout! The kids can play in the large turf field area while I do my workout or sit close by me.

Today began the first work trip of the season but instead of giving up hope of getting to the gym I was able to drop my 4 year old off at preschool and take my 2 year old to the gym with me…she is such a gem. She just follows me around like a little ducky and runs laps around the field with me too. I simply cant express the gratitude I have for the trainers at my gym who empathize with moms who need to get their workout in but just cant or aren’t interested in paying for daycare or hiring someone to watch their kids. Not having to stress about all that takes such a huge weight off my shoulders! Gloria Mayfield Banks always says to “Work with people who work with you.” My gym has definitely earned my dedication because of their willingness to work with me!

I notice a difference in my girls when they’ve been to the gym with me. They feel lucky to come with me and they definitely watch what I do and try to do it with me. Its so cute to see them try and lug the kettle bells around or do push ups and lunges around the house later on. I love that they are learning the importance of exercise at a young age and view it as something fun!

So today I am grateful to know that I have options this summer season! I am always happier when I get a good workout in and I’m so pleased to be able to stick with that routine. I hope you have people in your life who are willing to work with you to help you reach your goals and stick with your non-negotiables. If you don’t, start searching for those people because they are out there! Maybe its a mom who will workout on an alternating schedule with you while you watch each others kids, or maybe its someone who is willing to do a group workout at a nearby church or rec center while your kids play together, or maybe its just someone who will hold you accountable for getting on a walk or bike ride or a hike so you can get some movement in for the day. Whatever it is, you deserve to have a support system for the things that will make you the best you you can be and the best mom you can be.

Love, Katie




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