I am blessed to be the Mommy of two beautiful girls. They are what my world revolves around! Each of their stories is so different and each one has molded me into the woman I am today. I have played the roles of working mommy, stay home mommy, and work at home mommy. I am passionate about motherhood and feel strongly about the importance of educating and supporting mothers as we all fumble our way through the crazy journey of life with children. Every mother’s journey is different but what matters to me is that you are the best YOU you can be so you can be the best MOMMY you can be; whatever that looks like. Here I share what I’ve learned so far that may be of some inspiration, support, or guidance to those of you who are about to embark on or who have begun to pass through the refining fire of mommyhood. Love, Katie



Welcome to My Four Leaves!

I am Katie, Mommy of two beautiful girls and wife to one pretty awesome husband, Gary. We live on an acre hobby farm in Salem, UT where we enjoy being surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, gorgeous sunsets and friendly neighbors. Salem means “Peaceful” and that is just what this place is. Gary is from a small town and I’m from the city and that pretty accurately describes what our life looks like; a good mix between city and country.

This blog was created as a place to share information about the four most prominent focuses in my world; health, fitness, mommyhood, and everyday life. My goal is to share with you the things I love and hope that these posts resonate with you in some way and can connect us.  I also hope that you will, in turn, share what you love with others. I am no one special. I am a regular woman with ups, downs, struggles, joys, and quirks, just like everyone else…but I firmly believe that each person on this planet holds value that the rest of the world needs. I hope some of what I share can be of value to you and yours. Love, Katie.